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North Florida’s Premier Equestrian Facility and Horses for Sale

Training, Boarding, and Horses for Sale Convenient to St. Augustine and Jacksonville

Florida hunter jumper horses for saleSituated on 71 acres in southwest St. Johns County, Florida, Bridlebourne Stables offers the highest quality equestrian facilities, boarding services, training for horse and rider, and horses for sale.  The owners and staff have created an incomparable environment that caters to the needs and comfort of customers and their horses. Bridlebourne is proudly affiliated with the United States Hunter Jumper Association, the United States Equestrian Federation, the United States Dressage Federation, the US Eventing Association, the North Florida Hunter Jumper Association, and the First Coast Hunter Jumper Association.

The barns contain 12x12 stalls with automatic waterers, individual fans, fly spray system, grooming stalls, hot and cold water wash racks and tack rooms. Thirty sizable paddocks provide for daily, year round grass turn out.

Training facilities include a 100x200 indoor, lighted arena and a 200 x 300 outdoor arena.  Customers, their families and friends are welcome to observe activities from the club room, observation deck or outdoor pavilion.



Extraordinary Facilities

Superior Training for Horse and Rider

Friendly, Wholesome Environment

Welcome to Bridlebourne


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